Great location scouting requires envisioning the final product. And finding the best location for the project includes considerations beyond geography. Natural and artificial light, logistics, permission and permits, budget, and alternate options for the client are all key to a successful shoot.

I have more than eight years of experience, including seven years in Los Angeles, in location scouting while my background in photography enhances my expertise and understanding of the advertising business.

I can provide location scouting and production for still photography plus location scouting and managing for television commercials. The Utah in Scoututah is only where I hang my hat, I have and will scout anywhere your project needs.

Clients include:

John Acurso, Hank Benson, Steve Bonini, Tim Damon, William Hawkes, Steve Hix, John Huet, Walter Iooss Jr., Bud Lammers, David Le Bon, Photogroup Productions NYC, Bob Stevens, Mission Photo Production, Cori Little, Michael Lewis, Stewart Hall.

Production Companies
Elma Garcia Films (San Francisco), Go Film (LA), Great Guns (London), Mr. Big Productions (Chicago), Picture Park (Boston), Red Cat Productions (Boston), Roaring Tiger Productions (San Francisco) Stiefel and Company (LA), Voodoo Arts (Montreal), Headquarters (Santa Monica) NBC 2000 (Burbank)

Acura, AT&T, BMW Motorcycles, Cadillac, Canon, Callaway Golf, Coca-Cola, Denny's, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Honda Motorcycles, Infiniti,, KPMG, Land Rover, Lacoste, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes, Molson, NBC Sports, Nike, Northwest Airlines, Pontiac, Quaker Oats, Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the Olympic Winter Games of 2002, Saturn, UPS, Wrigley's.

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